Upcoming Exhibitions


Snoopy Presents: Lucky Dogs and Presidential Pets

June 30, 2016 through February 19, 2017 | Upstairs Changing Gallery

Snoopy served as “Head Beagle” in a Peanuts storyline from 1970, but many other dogs also served important roles as companions to the presidents themselves. The White House has been home to many a presidential pup, including FDR’s dog Fala; Reagan’s dog Lucky; and Bo, the Obama family dog. Learn more about the lives of presidential pets, and how Snoopy himself handles being elected to high office.



Peanuts and the Picture of Health

July 27, 2016 through January 16, 2017 | Strip Rotation Gallery

Charles Schulz’s careful study of health issues informed many Peanuts plotlines. From physical fitness to mental well-being, Peanuts highlighted a range of topics regarding personal health. Schulz grew up playing baseball, football, and ice hockey, and later took up jogging, tennis, and even rollerblading—all pursuits that found themselves playfully depicted in the panels of Peanuts.