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December 10, 2014 through April 13, 2015 | Strip Rotation Gallery

Schulz once remarked, “I’m speaking to people about things that really affect them.” An authentic approach to emotional issues helped make Peanuts unique. Characters expressed feelings of doubt, insecurity, depression and other sentiments atypical of a daily comic strip. From Lucy’s psychiatric advice to Charlie Brown’s apprehensions, this exhibition follows the sophistication of Schulz’s writing in over 70 comic strips that focus on the human condition.



Ghosting Schulz

January 7 through June 7, 2015 | Upstairs Changing Gallery

Schulz proudly wrote, drew, and lettered every Peanuts strip. He did, however, employ cartoonists who assisted him with other cartoon endeavors such as his sports-related comic strip It’s Only a Game and Peanuts comic books. Meet the artists, Jim Sasseville, Dale Hale, and Nick LoBianco, who attempted to capture Schulz’s indefinable line. The cartoon above from May 25, 1958  was written by Schulz and drawn by Jim Sasseville.



Peanuts in the Penalty Box

April 15 through August 17, 2015 | Strip Rotation Gallery

“Hockey, for me, is the greatest game going.” – Charles M. Schulz

Playing ice hockey on backyard rinks in Minnesota, Schulz developed a love of the game from an early age. He joyfully portrayed ice sports in Peanuts, where Snoopy and Woodstock made a tiny birdbath their arena. Schulz began participating in senior hockey tournaments more than 40 years ago, eventually hosting Snoopy’s Senior World Hockey Tournament at Redwood Empire Ice Arena. We’re marking the occasion with Peanuts comic strips showcasing Schulz’s venerated pastime, and specially selected materials from the Zamboni Company archives.

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