Upcoming Exhibitions


Evolution of the Comic Strip

March 5 through July 6, 2014 | Upstairs Changing Gallery

This spring, see how Peanuts strips were transformed from the ink drawings Schulz created in his studio, to the comics pages of newspapers across the globe. Original printing plates, contact sheets, and documentary photographs will illustrate the process of publishing syndicated comics before the digital era.



Social Commentary

May 3 through November 2, 2014 | Downstairs Changing Gallery

An avid reader and active member of his community, Schulz created Peanuts from the perspective of an informed observer. The Cold War, Vietnam, and environmental issues are just some of the subjects that he touched upon in his work. Social Commentary will highlight socially attuned Peanuts strips through original art, topical ephemera, and reaction letters from the archives.



Journey to the Reuben: The Early Years

July 9, 2014 through January 4, 2015 | Upstairs Changing Gallery

The Reuben Award is the highest honor bestowed annually by the National Cartoonist Society. Schulz was the first artist to receive this recognition twice—once in 1955, and again in 1964. Examine the years leading up to Schulz’s acceptance of this prestigious professional accolade through his early cartoons for The Saturday Evening Post, and rare Peanuts strips from the 1950s.