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Largest Ever Snoopy exhibition, Hello again, Snoopy, opens October 8

“Snoopy is the most popular character in the strip. In fact, I think you could make a good case that he’s the most popular cartoon character in the world. I supposed that’s because what I’ve done with him is very original. I don’t think there has been an animal character in a long time that has done the different things that Snoopy has done. He’s an attorney. He’s a surgeon. He’s the World War I flying ace.” Charles M. Schulz, 1998

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Snoopy, the world’s most famous beagle beloved by fans worldwide, is the focus of a new exhibition, Hello again, Snoopy, on view October 8, 2016 through April 9, 2017 at Snoopy Museum Tokyo. The exhibition features 84 original comic strips, an animated history of Snoopy, Snoopy-related memorabilia and products, and a Snoopy look-alike contest. There are a total of 1,000 versions of Snoopy appearing throughout the exhibition gallery. A Snoopy chandelier designed by artist Kim Songhe includes over 100 Snoopy plushes.

“The early Snoopy didn’t think. He actually barked and ran around on all fours and was just kind of a cute little puppy and I don’t know how he got to walking and I don’t know how he first began to think, but that was probably one of the best things that I ever did.”  – Charles Schulz.

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Hello again, Snoopy is the second exhibition offered by Snoopy Museum Tokyo, a temporary museum open for two and one-half years and the first museum outside of the United States dedicated to the art of Charles M. Schulz. Its founding museum—Charles M. Schulz Museum—is located where Schulz lived in Santa Rosa, California.

Snoopy Museum Tokyo’s museum store, named BROWN’S STORE, features products specially designed for the Museum. Cafe Blanket offers Peanuts-related food and drinks.


Snoopy Museum Tokyo General Information:

Name: Snoopy Museum Tokyo
Open: April 23, 2016 – September 30, 2018
Address: 5-6 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Management: Sony Creative Products Inc.
Satellite Museum of: Charles M. Schulz Museum & Research Center