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Jean Schulz, the widow of Charles “Sparky” Schulz and President of the Board of Directors at the Charles M. Schulz Museum, chronicles her adventures in the cartooning and comic book world of Peanuts.

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Charlie Brown’s Ordeal with the EPA

Aug 24, 2010

There is an expression Sparky loved, it is Esprit d’escalier. The idea is that you remember, as you are going up the stairs, the pithy, clever remark that you were not quick enough to say in the moment. That always happens to me when I see the installation of our exhibitions. It is the most exciting […]

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Wine Making with Jean Schulz – Sonoma County, California

Aug 20, 2010

At our various Museum events, our members have truly enjoyed sharing the wines I have made as part of a wine club. We have served Museum Merlot (a red wine) and Flying Ace White (a chardonnay) at some of our member functions in the past year. The wine club I belong to is run by […]

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