A Way to Say Thank You

On Saturday, October 10, at around Noon, ten or so CAL FIRE trucks appeared in the Museum parking lot. I also noticed several uniformed Fire Department personnel milling around the area in front of Snoopy’s Home Ice.

I thought perhaps they were checking the trees and PG&E lines. But happily, it turned out that, rather than checking the area for possible problems, it was the CAL FIRE Team 3 and they were off duty, having just finished managing the Glass Fire here in Sonoma County. They have a tradition of taking a team picture depicting a location in the community in which they served, and they asked if they could highlight the Schulz Museum.

The firefighters had arrived from all over California, and some even from other states. They spent their time taking photos and talking on their phones to friends and family about the experience.

When I got into the Museum, I learned that staff had given them all goodie bags. What a shame that we had to be closed! But we did invite them in for one quick photo.

These three fellows were from Texas, Nevada and California.

I was glad we could reciprocate, if only a little, as a “thank you” for all they have done for us in fighting the Glass Fire.

—Jean Schulz


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