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The Pumpkins are Out

Linus must be checking to find the most sincere pumpkin patch. Will it be near you? Sparky used to say that Halloween was the perfect holiday because there were no […]

Finishing Touches

Since May 2018, the Museum has been building two new 600-square foot classrooms, accessible from the Museum courtyard, just beyond the Kite-Eating Tree. Since 2008, the Museum has been hosting […]

Good Memories

Mary Ramsperger Peterson came to visit the Peanuts strip she donated to the Museum last year. The strip, originally published on June 20, 1997, is currently on view in the Museum’s […]

Following Forest Owls

I recently took a week away from Santa Rosa to go to Southern Arizona, to the Chiricahua Mountains to study owls on an Earthwatch Institute expedition that was billed as […]

The Circle Continues

At the Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center, we often hear questions like, “What research is done here?” or, “What is the research about?”. Our answer is that the […]