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Flying with Jeannie
Sonoma County, California

Flying trapeze has been a passion of mine for about 15 years. Having done it that long, I should be starring in the circus; I am not, but I love it as much as if I were. And one thing about a passion is that one likes to share it. We have many young employees […]

USAF Commanders Concert at the Schulz Complex

The Air Force band from Travis Air Force Base gave an outstanding jazz concert Sunday afternoon, May 16th, on the baseball field near the Schulz Museum. The USAF Band of the Golden West’s jazz ensemble, The Commanders, presented the concert that featured the music of Vince Guaraldi, including several Peanuts favorites. Over a hundred people showed up […]

Charles M. Schulz Museum Board Meeting
Santa Rosa, California

The Schulz Museum is governed by a Board of Directors that meets twice each year. The Executive Committee meets between board meetings to do business as it arises. The Schulz Museum Board recently met in Santa Rosa, and the following day several board members and Museum staff visited the Disney Museum in the Presidio in […]

Launching the Love Foundation
Beijing, China

Today was the launch of the Love Foundation in Beijing. We began by meeting with Madam He Luli, the Vice Chairman of the National People’s Congress (NPC) standing committee. The press conference was held in The Great Hall of the People, which stands on one side of Tiananmen Square. By the time we got to […]

More on Christo’s Running Fence Celebration – Washington, D.C.

On Friday night the Smithsonian American Art Museum screened the documentary film Running Fence Revisitedby Wolfram Hissen. Wolfram filmed the reunion party in Bloomfield, Sonoma County, in September 2009. His 45-minute film contains interviews with ranchers and their families from the 1970s and 2009. The film is interesting in its lack of a soundtrack. The silence […]

Christo’s Running Fence Celebration – Washington, D.C.

Christo seemed to be glowing as he led us through the Running Fence exhibition at the Smithsonian American Art Museum on Thursday morning. Exactly at 10am he walked into the exhibition. Those of us gathered were a group of 20 or so, made up of sponsors of the exhibition and Sonoma County guests, including the families of […]

Italian Book Fair – Bologna, Italy

I visited Italy to meet with our agents and to see other agents and licensees at the Peanuts booth at the Italian Book Fair in Bologna, a long-running children’s book exposition where Peanuts traditionally hosts a booth. The highlight of this part of the trip was a round table discussion Wednesday evening with Umberto Eco, two of the […]

Schulz Cartoonist Cultural Exchange – Havana, Cuba

“All I had hoped for, and more.” That was my reaction to our welcome reception by Cuban cartoonists, animators, educators, and community artists. The creativity and humor of their work, their warm welcome, and their desire to share in a collegial exchange made us all very happy to be in Havana. The genesis of this trip […]

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