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Christmas Cereal or ‘Fatty-man’

If you have Norwegian family members or friends you may have heard of these Christmas cookies, which were Sparky’s favorites. Every year, his longtime friend, Fern Wick, would arrive at the studio with a tin of Fattigmann (which is their real name). Sparky allowed himself just two a night so that they would last the […]

Good Grief, Charlie Brown!

Where is Snoopy? He is in London at Somerset House! How did Snoopy get there, you ask? As you may recall from my previous post on February 20, 2018, Somerset House (located on the south side of the Strand in central London) is hosting an exhibition in partnership with the Charles M. Schulz Museum. The exhibition, Good Grief, […]

Snoopy’s Route 66 Trip

I have heard of the mystique of driving along Historic Route 66 and thought I might get to travel it one day, but Snoopy, who has more adventures than I do, beat me to it. Enjoy the photos and the ride with Snoopy and Peanuts fan, Robert Peterson, as they stop at some roadside attractions […]

The Story Behind Peanuts and Hallmark

Arnold Shapiro claims that he was always a fan of comics and became hooked on Peanuts in college when he discovered the strip in the Chicago Tribune. Later, when he was on active duty in the army, his fiancé wrote daily and sent each Peanuts strip from the Tribune so he would not miss his […]

Peanuts at Antiques Roadshow

I have learned in the past few years how popular the PBS television series Antiques Roadshow is through the episode with Arnold Shapiro’s Peanuts collection appraisal. It has rerun many times since its original airdate in 2006, and each time I receive several emails telling me about this treasure trove of Peanuts art. Watch a clip of the episode Mr. Shapiro, […]

Sally to the Rescue

I almost never have time to browse the Internet and do not have accounts set up to alert me to Peanuts stories in the news, but my friend Victor, in Canada, forwarded this to me. I thought it odd that Sally Brown—known for a dismal opinion of school—could have helped someone to be a better […]

Snoopy’s Everest Adventure

It is always a special time when the Peanuts Collectors show up, en masse, every two years for a celebration called ‘Beaglefest.’ These collectors, traders, and just plain Peanuts lovers always come with surprises and are a combination of old friends and new, which makes for a very enjoyable three days. Of course, Snoopy’s Home […]

More Activities in Japan

Paige and Jean Appear in a Popular TV Show Paige and I participated in a taped TV show while in Tokyo, which was billed as a “Special Lecture” by Jean Schulz and Paige Braddock, titled “Philosophy of Life for Beleaguered Modern Generations—Lessons from the Comic Strip Peanuts”. The host gave a brief history of Charles […]

The Final Rotation at Snoopy Museum Tokyo

The last rotation of Snoopy Museum Tokyo opened Friday, April 20‎. The show, Friendship in Peanuts, reviews the many friendships chronicled in the strip, from Charlie Brown and Shermy in the early days to the classic boy-and-his-dog relationship that Charlie Brown and Snoopy refined over the years. I am posing with the Onodera family behind the […]

A 50th Anniversary Surprise, 18 Years Later

The Yasuda family from Japan has donated their complete collection of Snoopy Mini Mascot Dolls from the Peanuts 50th anniversary in 2000. Below are some of the wonderful costumes featured in the set of 50 dolls.   From left to right: Snoopy as a golfer, a football player, and a skateboarder.   From left to […]

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