Earthquake in Italy

I was saddened on Sunday to hear of the earthquake in Northern Italy. I listened intently to the names of the towns which received the most damage. I did not recognize any of them from my March trip to Milan and journey to Bologna. I wrote to the family who had hosted me on that visit, expressing my sorrow at the news. I am happy to report that my friends are fine, but my heart goes out to all of those mourning losses.

In Castell’Arquato, a small medieval village that we visited on the way to Bologna, I read that the Romanesque church had suffered severe damage after an earthquake in 1117. It would take five years before the church would be rebuilt and re-consecrated. It is my hope that with time, the newest generation to experience the aftermath of an earthquake will be able to rebuild with the same resilience of those before them.

As a Californian, I’m always aware of the potential for an earthquake to happen anywhere, anytime. Like many Californians, I try to be prepared with an earthquake emergency kit. If this spurs anyone to think about preparing for emergencies, it will make me happy.

—Jean Schulz