Mission Statement & Goals

Mission Statement

The mission of the Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center is to preserve, display, and interpret the art of Charles M. Schulz. The Museum will carry out this mission through exhibits and programming that:

  • Illustrate the scope of Schulz’s multi-faceted career,
  • Communicate the stories, inspirations, and influences of Charles M. Schulz,
  • Celebrate the life of Charles M. Schulz and the Peanuts characters, and
  • Build an understanding of cartoonists and cartoon art.


  • To educate visitors to the unique place of Charles M. Schulz in the history of cartooning and to increase awareness and appreciation of his work.
  • To provide access to primary materials relating to the life and work of Charles M. Schulz for scholars and other serious students through the Research Center.
  • To acquire selected materials, which enhance and support the Museum’s missions and goals.
  • To lend works of art and related materials from the collection to other institutions when appropriate and feasible considering budgetary constraints.
  • To achieve the Museum’s mission in an atmosphere that remains true to the character of Charles M. Schulz and the Peanuts characters.