Upcoming Exhibitions

50 Years of Franklin

January 13 through August 5, 2018 | Upstairs Changing Gallery

Shortly after the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Los Angeles schoolteacher Harriet Glickman wrote to Charles Schulz about integrating the world of Peanuts. She believed that the popular comic strip could help shape American attitudes on race. The result of their correspondence was the character of Franklin, introduced to Peanuts fans in the summer of 1968. Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Franklin’s poignant debut with an engaging display of correspondence between Glickman and Schulz, paired with the original comic strips that became a cultural benchmark in the history of American comics.

Lucy Che-Fei Tsai, Peanuts Gang, framed cut-out

My Favorite Peanuts: Reflections of Family and Friends

March 17 through September 16, 2018 | Downstairs Changing Gallery

All Peanuts fans have a favorite character, storyline, or drawing. What is yours? In this exhibition, Charles Schulz’s wife, Jean, along with some of his family members and close friends will share their favorite strips and the stories behind them. Sometimes it is a particularly clever or humorous punch line, sometimes it is one of the themes that he touched on over the years, and sometimes it is simply a sentimental memory, but with each strip we will learn something about their creative creator, Charles Schulz. Using a display of original strips, books, photographs and ephemera, visitors will learn which stories are the favorites of Schulz’s family and friends. A version of this exhibition was seen at the Snoopy Museum in Tokyo, and visitors were so enthusiastic about it we decided to expand upon the theme.