Museum Interior Images

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All Photos used should have the following credit line: Photo(s) by (photographers listed below) courtesy of the Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center

All Photos by DJ Ashton, except where noted.

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schulz-museum-lobby-tnSchulz Museum Lobby
Photo by Rick Samuels

0311-LRMuseum Lobby

0357-LRGreat Hall with Tile Mural Wall


0342-LRDetail of Great Hall Mural

0325-LRStrip Rotation Gallery

0318-LRWall Graphic in Main Gallery


0321-LRWall Graphic in Main Gallery

0351-LRClose-up of Tile Mural Wall

0346-LRDetail of Great Hall Mural


CS_0122-tnRe-creation of Charles Schulz’s Studio

CS_0130-tnRe-creation of Charles Schulz’s Studio

0542-LRPeek-a-boo Box


0335-LRClose-up of Peek-a-boo Box

0525-LRClose-up of Peek-a-boo Box

0337-LRClose-up of Peek-a-boo Box


0505-LRClose-up of Tile Mural Wall

0515-LR300Morphing Snoopy Wood Sculpture

0247-LRTile Mural Wall



0249-LRViewing the Tile Mural Wall

0359-LRGreat Hall with Tile Mural Wall

0343-LRDetail of Great Hall Mural


0344-LRDetail of Great Hall Mural

0352-LRClose-up of Tile Mural Wall

Jean SchulzJean Schulz
Photo by Bob Riha, Jr.


0313-LRWrapped Snoopy Doghouse by Christo

0317-LRColorado Mural Wall

0322-LRWall Graphic in Main Gallery


0252-LRKid’s Free Day Activities

research-room-tnResearch Center
Photo by Rick Samuels

0496-LRResearch Center