Hosting Guidelines

Guidelines for Borrowing Traveling Exhibitions

The following is an overview on how to host an exhibition from the Charles M. Schulz Museum.


• Charles M. Schulz Museum will only book traveling exhibitions with the borrower; no agreements will be made with a third party. Persons requesting exhibitions must be authorized to guarantee that the borrower fulfills all exhibition requirements and will carry out the stipulations of the contract.
• The borrower must submit a signed contract, completed facilities report, and half of the rental fee as a deposit to book an exhibition. Once an exhibitor signs a contract, the exhibition period is reserved and other organizations are prevented from hosting the show during that time.
• Each exhibition contract presents the terms for that particular exhibition. The contract details booking dates, participation fee and deposit, requirements for security, shipping and special handling, and credit language.
• Booking schedules are subject to negotiation. Additional weeks are added at a prorated fee. A time period of four weeks is set between bookings to allow for de-installation, condition reporting, repacking, shipping, and at the next venue, receiving shipment, unpacking, condition reporting and installation.
• If an organization cancels an exhibition booking, it is obligated to pay the rental fee in full, unless CMSM can secure another booking.


• Each borrower must pay half of the rental fee (as a deposit) to Charles M. Schulz Museum upon signing the exhibition loan agreement. The borrower will receive an invoice for the remainder of the fee at the beginning of the month in which the exhibition is received.
• The borrower must provide proof of wall-to-wall insurance coverage on the exhibition.
• Charles M. Schulz Museum will make all shipping arrangements; the borrowing institution is responsible for covering all shipping fees (typically inbound shipping), including any costs for labor or equipment.


• The exhibition cannot be exposed to direct sunlight.
• The borrower shall maintain the crates in good condition and store them in clean areas with dry and cool temperatures. The borrower must preserve and secure packing materials in the case to which they belong.


• Gallery space must be equal to or greater than the space requirement for the exhibition.

• Constant temperature control is required.


• Charles M. Schulz Museum will make all shipping arrangements.
• The borrower must complete incoming and outgoing condition reports upon unpacking and repacking the exhibition.
• The borrower must complete and return the “checklist receipt” upon unpacking the exhibition.

For any additional information on the Charles M. Schulz Museum’s traveling exhibitions, please contact:

Traveling Exhibitions Manager
707-579-4452 x284