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Every year for nearly 50 years during the baseball season, Peanuts fans could expect a healthy number of strips portraying Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang engaged in America’s favorite pastime. Based heavily on Charles M. Schulz’s childhood experiences with sandlot baseball, the stories of the Peanuts baseball team are in turn whimsical, thoughtful, hilarious, and full of pathos.

The exhibition Peanuts at Bat takes a lighthearted look at Schulz’s love for the all-American sport and showcases the Peanuts Gang’s hapless pursuit of a winning baseball strategy. The exhibition includes 47 high-resolution reproductions of Peanuts strips, memorabilia, three text panels that include photographs of Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz, 26 object labels, four large-size baseball quotes by Schulz, and one eight-foot-wide Peanuts strip mounted on Plexiglas.

For detailed project descriptions, images, checklists, and current information, contact Dinah Houghtaling, Traveling Exhibitions Manager, at or (707) 579-4452, ext. 287.

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