Just in the Nick of Time!

Well, the Schulz Museum isn’t letting grass grow under its feet—though there may be a little sawdust underfoot if you head upstairs to the Education Room.

Demolition underway.

Recent renovations have been underway, with plans for lightboxes, better overhead lighting for the zoetrope, and room for a cozy reading nook.

It occurred to us that this space could be better utilized.

These improvements have been in our heads for years, and with the necessary pandemic closures, we knew we had to jump on the opportunity and make them happen. Halfway there! And it has only taken 10 years.

This slanted surface (a drawing desk) and the difficult-to-reach bulletin board behind it were not accessible for our visitors.

The truth is that the drawing counter in the Education Room was never the original intention. Rather, we had hoped for a special kind of roll-out drawing desk (inspired by those at the International Museum of Cartoon Art in Boca Raton, Florida).

Peeking through the “porthole” at the work in progress.

The painting and baseboards finished—everything is sparkling.

Our challenge will be to see if we can improve upon what we have. We have been searching for the “right idea” for a long time, and in our search, we came across these lightboxes used in the 2018–2019 exhibition Good Grief, Charlie Brown at Somerset House in London. Now we are hoping to adapt this idea for the Education Room in the future.

Photo courtesy of Somerset House, London.

Our staff has worked extremely hard to get this room ready for visitors and we are so proud of what they have accomplished. It certainly has been a race with the reopening (the Museum reopened on March 24 after a yearlong closure).

We hope you can come and visit all our new attractions, and welcome back!

Jean Schulz

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