Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade — The Big Day New York City

Snoopy at 9 pm the night before Thanksgiving, still under the netting. Look for him bright and early soaring high along the Macy's Parade route. My grandson, Donovan, who will be a balloon handler with me, is standing in front of Snoopy's nose.


I had a wonderful time as a Flying Ace balloon handler in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. My grandson, Donovan Brockway, and I were part of a great balloon handling team, and we all had a perfect Thanksgiving Day walk along Central Park and down Broadway to Herald Square. I love sharing my personal photos, but this spectacular shot from The New York Times shows Snoopy as only a professional can capture him. Happy Birthday Sparky!





For two hours, parade walkers streamed out of the staging hotel and across the street to load into buses for the trip to the starting area around the Natural History Museum on Central Park West.
You can see how his years doing battle with the Red Barron have told on Snoopy—he’s showing signs of his run-ins with the Red Baron.
Friends we made.
With my grandson, ready to start the march!
Snoopy is brought down to earth onto the deflation pad so his zippers can be opened and the helium can escape.
Beginning the deflation…”Yikes, this is worse than fighting the Red Baron!”
I don’t think the Flying Ace likes his nose to the ground.
Opening the ear zipper to let the helium out. We were cautioned NOT to breath it.

—Jean Schulz