A Short Visit to Shanghai

You know how it goes when you are traveling – another ‎day another city – and we are now in Shanghai. Our short visit here took us to the Mok’s new offices and Ray also wanted us to see the newest Charlie Brown cafe.


This is the latest of the 20 Charlie Brown cafes in China. It is the only one in Shanghai and is located in the Ching Daok Shopping Mall (I noticed the word TOUCH near the Chinese Characters and so assume the shopping mall is referred to as TOUCH MALL in English).

Peanuts Chair-500

These upholstered chairs are a departure from the usual wood chairs in the other Charlie Brown cafes‎. The  intent is that guests will find it a comfortable place to relax and socialize.


We ended the day having dinner at M on The Bund, with these colorful views‎. I have to add that my first view of The Bund, the waterfront along Shanghai’s Pearl River, was in 1978 or ’79. I guess initial memories stay strong.  It was such an incredible sight with rows of elderly Chinese doing their morning ritual Tai Chi on the lawn rolling down to the river that I would have liked to come back and to see it unchanged. Impossible, of course.

—Jean Schulz