Snoopy Breathing his Spirit into the Dragon


This sculpture is titled Dragon and Snoopy and is made of wood from the Yew tree. Carved by Japanese master woodcarver, Mr. Katsuhiro Higashi, this 20 x 12 inch piece was created for Japonesque, the traveling exhibition of the work of master craftsmen in Japan.

‎The exhibition was conceived by the artist, Yoshi Otani, who in 2001 created two large installations for the Museum in the Great Hall (pictured below), which continue to fascinate visitors.

Peanuts Tile Mural, by Yoshi Ontani

exhibits_perm_morphing FPO
Morphing Snoopy, by Yoshi Ontani

In addition to wood sculptures, Snoopy in various poses is also crafted in ceramic, pewter and lacquerware by other artists featured in the exhibition. I wanted to have this beautiful piece with Snoopy and a classic Asian dragon to rub for good luck, and to watch it weather and become richer.

You can see in this charm how a different artist has used the same Snoopy pose.

This is the artist’s chop or seal, located on the back of the sculpture. I’m making a note to verify this fact!

 —Jean Schulz