Image of The Snoopy Dodgem Game

Sparky’s Silly Snoopy Game

Like Snoopy, Sparky loved joking and silliness, and he could take a joke (mostly). In the late ’70s and ’80s when many of these games were being sold, Sparky talked about wanting to create “Snoopy’s Really Silly Game.” He talked about it for years but could never sell anyone on the idea. Now we are creating it digitally for him. Here are some of the original board games:

Image of The Snoopy Come Home Game

The Snoopy Come Home Game

Image of The Snoopy Dodgem Game

The Snoopy Dodgem Game

Talking with others more engaged with 21st century technology than I, we agreed Sparky would have had a lot of fun with it (and made fun of it quite a bit, too!). I can picture what he might have done in a series of strips on Facebook and Twitter. His work was never about technology though, it was about feelings, and I think he would have honed in on how—even with all this technology—we are still essentially alone in the world. I think the “Ask Snoopy” game is basically saying, “There are no answers,” but does so in a fun, silly way. Just like his comic strips.

Play by going to the Museum’s Home Page and clicking on Ask Snoopy in the lower right.

—Jean Schulz