The Life of Charles M. Schulz

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The drawings included are of everyday objects one would encounter while walking down the street like flowers and baby carriages, household items like scissors and envelopes and also subjects from the headlines of the day. Sports equipment seemed to be one thing in the forefront of Schulz’s mind that year, for in this exercise he drew golf clubs, baseball mitts, fishing hooks, and hockey sticks.

Peanuts strip originally published on January 31, 1953

Ms. Paro saved Schulz’s pencil drawing for 25 years and then returned it to him with a message, written on the lower right corner, “Happy New Year – and thanks for ‘Peanuts’ M. Paro”. She later remarked that, “[The drawings] were spectacular because they were things you wouldn’t even think of… that means his mind was working every minute. He isn’t worried about what is going on the paper, it’s in his mind, it’s got to come out.” Charles Schulz must have been quite proud of this very early work because he included it in his anniversary autobiographical books Peanuts Jubilee (1975) and Peanuts: A Golden Celebration (1999).


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