The Life of Charles M. Schulz

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November 26, 1922

When Charles Schulz’s parents first met, Dena Schulz worked as a waitress at the La Belle Home Pastry Shop on Selby Avenue in St. Paul. Carl Schulz owned The Family Barbershop with a business partner, which was located not far from Dena’s workplace. After marrying Carl on May 2, 1920, Dena became a full-time homemaker.

“My dad was a barber. I always admired him for the fact that both he and my mother had only third grade educations and, from what I remembered hearing in conversations, he worked pitching hay in Nebraska one summer to earn enough money to go to barber school, got himself a couple of jobs and eventually bought his own barber shop.”

Charles M. Schulz (1992)

Charles Schulz’s father, Carl Fredrich August Schulz, was born in Germany on April 25, 1897 (although his parents had immigrated to the United States by the time Carl was born, they returned to Germany sometime before his birth and came back to the United States shortly after he was born). Carl’s father was Carl Ludwig Schulz, born in Eichstedt, Germany on April 9, 1867 and died in Fulton, New York on December 6, 1933. Carl’s mother was Emma Alvine Auguste Seyer, born in Bunshau, Germany on March 10, 1870 and died in Fulton, New York on December 24, 1948). The couple was married in 1892 in Davis City, Nebraska and had four children – Elise Anna Emma (1894-1985), Carl Fredrich August (1897-1966), Frederich Wilhelm Carl (1900-1976), and Alma Frede (1903-1988).


Dena Bertina Halverson was born in Ellsworth, Wisconsin on February 7, 1893. Dena’s father was Torgus “Tom” Halverson, born in Neum, Norway on January 28, 1862 and died on October 13, 1918 in Portland, Oregon. Dena’s mother was Anne Sophie Borgen Halverson, born on January 20, 1866 in Norway and died on May 12, 1949 in Torrance, California. They were married in Martell, Wisconsin on December 14, 1885 and had nine children – Clara Amanda (1886-1986), Ida (1888-1929), Oscar (1890-?), Dena (1893-1943), Harris Leonard (1896-1954), Ella (1898-1970), Silas Theodore (1900-1949), John Monroe (1903-1950), and Lottie Marion (1905-1963).