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Heartbreak in Peanuts

“There’s something funny about unrequited love–I suppose it’s because we can all identify with it.” —Charles Schulz

Love is everywhere in Peanuts—Charlie Brown loves the Little Red-Haired Girl, Lucy adores Schroeder, Sally pursues Linus—but sadly these sentiments are rarely returned. Experience the joys and sorrows of unrequited love Peanuts-style in the traveling exhibition, Heartbreak in Peanuts, and join the Peanuts characters as they continually return to their hopeless quests for love, undaunted by defeat.

Heartbreak in Peanuts features 50 high quality digital reproductions of original Peanuts comic strips which focus on narratives of lost love. These one-sided love stories include Sally and her “Sweet Babboo,” Snoopy left standing at the altar, Lucy throwing Schroeder’s piano in the sewer, and Charlie Brown’s mission to meet the Little Red-Haired Girl. Visitors can practice the long lost art of writing by making their own valentine’s to send to Charlie Brown or practice penning a love poem. Hosting venues can get into the spirit by offering special admission or prizes for little (or not so little) Red-Haired Girl (and Boy!) visitors.

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Heartbreak in Peanuts Dates

  • January 3, 2018 - April 16, 2018


    77-885 Avenida Montezuma
    La Quinta, CA 92253
    (760) 777-7170