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Jean Schulz, the widow of Charles “Sparky” Schulz and President of the Board of Directors at the Charles M. Schulz Museum, chronicles her adventures in the cartooning and comic book world of Peanuts.

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What Secret Messages are Embedded in this Sculpture?

May 12, 2015

It seems that daily I learn something new. The mystery of the message embedded in this sculpture in the lobby of the Museum was revealed to me by one of our loyal volunteers. Let me digress a moment, using a pun from one of Sparky’s strips, and wax eloquent about our volunteers. This Peanuts strip […]

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Art is Food and Food is Art

May 08, 2015

After a long day of meetings at the Museum, our board members were ready for some entertainment! At dinner, I posed an activity to create art from the olive oil and balsamic vinegar condiments on the table. My original blog from February 16 with this art‎ received so many comments, I thought I would post […]

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Bloom Where You are Planted

Mar 26, 2015

I didn’t make up this phrase, I might have read it in a card, or it might be a line of a poem, but it popped into my mind when I saw this lovely, bright cyclamen blooming in the wall next to my patio steps. The seed came from this plant, which is 15 feet […]

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A Tip of the Hat to our Research Center

Mar 12, 2015

This blog is being presented by our archivist, Cesar Gallegos… Students Marissa Lee, Lauren Hu, and Jenna Canicora standing in front of Archivist Cesar Gallegos Recently the three students pictured above from Our Lady of Mercy School in Daly City made an appointment to visit the Research Center here at the Museum to work on […]

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The Eye of the Beholder

Feb 16, 2015

I have always loved this photo which I took in Paris in 2008. Free form and mysterious, I hoped to enlarge it and see how it would look framed on the wall like a real work of art, but have never gotten around to it. But I’ve found a new sort of art cum rorschach […]

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A Visit from Chris Sparks with The Art of Richard Thompson

Jan 07, 2015

A post Christmas guest to the Museum was Chris Sparks,‎ seen here in Sparky’s recreated studio. In addition to seeing the Museum with his family, Chris’ mission was to deliver to me The Art of Richard Thompson, a book of cartoonist Richard Thompson’s beautiful and clever drawings done over his 30 year career. Here are […]

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Welcoming the New Year at the Schulz Museum

Jan 05, 2015

Over 700 people looked up at the countdown to watch over 2,500 balloons tumbling down at the Museum’s annual Balloon Drop on December 31. Some people collected them and some batted them around like a volley ball. All were smiling. Around the corner was a milder sort of balloon drop for the under 4 age […]

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Snoopy Breathing his Spirit into the Dragon

Dec 12, 2014

This sculpture is titled Dragon and Snoopy and is made of wood from the Yew tree. Carved by Japanese master woodcarver, Mr. Katsuhiro Higashi, this 20 x 12 inch piece was created for Japonesque, the traveling exhibition of the work of master craftsmen in Japan. ‎The exhibition was conceived by the artist, Yoshi Otani, who […]

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Winter Fruit

Dec 04, 2014

Having grown up in California I’ve known persimmons for many, many years. They were the heart shaped or round ones that got soft and we mostly mushed them up for persimmon cake, which was delicious.  Often when someone is asked if he or she likes persimmons, you’ll get a heart-felt negative response, and they will […]

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Satire Fest ‘Draw Off’

Nov 07, 2014

Pictured here left to right: David Horsey, Laz, Adán, Falco, David Brown, Lalo Alcaraz This is an addendum to my October 17 blog post about reuniting with Adán Iglesias, Falco, and Laz Ramirez, Cuban cartoonists who came as invited guests to Satire Fest in San Francisco in October. I want to share a video that […]

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