It Happened When My Back was Turned

I had been watching the solar project here at the Museum progress daily for a few months, but the time came to leave on a planned trip to Paris and the Dordogne. In Paris I visited with Normaal, an animation studio which is animating 500 Peanuts comic strips to debut in Europe and the United States at the end of the year. Then I met fellow Schulz Museum board member, Laura Whiting, and her husband, John, and we traveled by TGV, France’s high speed train, to Libourne where we rented a car and had the usual lost moments heading to our destination (despite quite specific directions). Maybe our downfall was the stop in St. Emellion for lunch!


In this photo, Laura and I are at Castlenaud, a medieval fortress overlooking the Dordogne River.


We found ourselves on the lookout for ‘Snoopy sightings’ and discovered this image on a delicatessen in the town of Sarlat, probably the largest town in the area of the chambre d’hote (bed and breakfast) where we were staying.

We also found a ‎darling 5 year old wearing a very cute Joe Cool t shirt as we were waiting in line for an English language tour at the cave of Lascaux. He was very shy, so I refrained from taking a photo, but was pleased to see his family’s choice of a Peanuts shirt.

I came back to find that our 5-year-in-the-making solar project was completed, giving protection for our visitors from sun and rain in the Museum parking lot.


I caught the workman from West Coast Solar Energy putting in the last lightbulbs.

We started vetting consultants and companies last September and finally began construction in March. These photos show how the project progressed:








‎These new structures will meet over 90 percent of the museum’s electrical needs.


We received our “green” certificate from the past year, and this year when we ask for re-certification we should get gold stars‎. Our stewardship of the environment is important to me, and I am happy to say to everyone at the Museum. It is a joint effort and I am proud of all of our staff for their care and concern.

—Jean Schulz

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