A 50th Anniversary Surprise, 18 Years Later

The Yasuda family from Japan has donated their complete collection of Snoopy Mini Mascot Dolls from the Peanuts 50th anniversary in 2000. Below are some of the wonderful costumes featured in the set of 50 dolls.

From left to right: Snoopy as a golfer, a football player, and a skateboarder.


From left to right: Snoopy as a cowboy, the Easter Bunny, and a baker.


From left to right: Snoopy wearing traditional clothing from the United Kingdom, India, and China.


The Yasuda family first visited the Museum in December of 2008. I met them in the gift shop and we exchanged addresses. Mr. Yasuda sent a photo of his town with Mount Fuji in the background. Mount Fuji, Japan’s iconic landmark, is usually hiding in the clouds. I felt fortunate to glimpse it once from a bullet train.

The Yasudas returned to Santa Rosa to visit the Museum a few years later. Since then, we have exchanged calendars during the holidays, and Mr. Yasuda has sent us beautiful scenic calendars from his company. I have enjoyed getting to know the Yasuda family over the past 10 years, and we are grateful to them for such a delightful and unexpected addition to the Museum collection.

–Jean Schulz

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