Annual Schulz Celebrity Golf Classic

Frankie Muniz, Sarah Rotter, Cindy Varni, Barbara Barrow, me, and Val Verhunce (from left to right) making a celebratory jump. We look as if we won, but we’re actually celebrating a successful fundraising effort for five local nonprofit organizations.

Teeing off on a par five hole.


Analyzing the approach to this hole – there is a huge crevasse and a sand trap which you can see in front of the green. So the issue is to lay up or go for the green.

The tee shot landed on the green so everyone putts from the same position (those are the rules of this particular tournament). There is a lot of walking around and analyzing the lay of the green.

Frankie makes his putt.

Lining up a putt. Sarah made hers too!

And Val sinks his putt as well.

I have to confess that I didn’t play in the tournament because I hurt my arm and I’m a bit out of practice. But I was the premiere cheerleader for the team!

–Jean Schulz












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