Art is Food and Food is Art

After a long day of meetings at the Museum, our board members were ready for some entertainment! At dinner, I posed an activity to create art from the olive oil and balsamic vinegar condiments on the table.

My original blog from February 16 with this art‎ received so many comments, I thought I would post these so visitors to my blog could compare the creations of ordinary diners to Museum board members…plus an artist or two!

Enjoy their unique works of art and the comments they shared about each other’s creations!

Like shooting stars…everyone loved this!

Zen…like a Japanese print.

The Crab Nebula…Inventive…Jackson Pollock…most complex!

The Bearded Lego Lumberjack.

The Bat Signal from Batman

Picasso Brown…not Charlie Brown!

Charlie Brown’s silly face gets honorable mention for the clever use of crusts.

One of the prize winners…

And finally…the favorite of the night!


— Jean Schulz





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