In Memory of the Artist, Christo

The recent passing of Christo on May 31, 2020 brought with it…

All Wrapped Up

During the temporary closure of the Museum, some of the staff…

Remembering Harriet Glickman

Heroes are hard to come by. I admire a lot of people, but not…


When it became clear that the Schulz Museum would need to…

Travels In Japan, Part 3

Our visit to Japan wasn’t all fun and pretty pictures though,…

Snoopy Museum Tokyo

Snoopy has enjoyed a presence in Japan for over 50 years.…

Peanuts Comfort in Japan

For my latest adventure, I set off to Japan to attend the opening…

The Pumpkins are Out

Linus must be checking to find the most sincere pumpkin patch.…

Finishing Touches

Since May 2018, the Museum has been building two new 600-square…
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Good Memories

Mary Ramsperger Peterson came to visit the Peanuts strip she…

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