Charlie Brown and the Great Exhibit and other upcoming traveling exhibitions

A discussion at our recent Museum Board Meeting made it clear to me that the totality of our current and planned traveling exhibitions makes a very dramatic statement about the breadth of Charles Schulz’ art, which lets us speak to people on all levels. It also speaks to the Museum’s ability to educate and entertain through Schulz’ storytelling.

These exhibitions include: Charlie Brown and the Great Exhibition, which opened in October at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry and explores Schulz’s personal history and his role as the sole inspiration and artistic talent behind Peanuts; Pop Culture and Peanuts, which opens at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood in Florida in June, 2013 and focuses on the art in Schulz’ comic strip panels with 70 originals; AND Ever and Never, a major exhibition which will open in Japan at the Mori Art Center in October, 2013.

So if you are fortunate enough to be near one of these exhibitions, don’t miss it. And look for other travelling exhibits which may be opening near you.

I’m off to New York to be a balloon handler for the Charlie Brown and Football balloons in Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. I’ll hope to have some happy, if wet, pictures from there. I wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all.

                                                                                                                                                                                                 — Jean Schulz



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