Heading to Tokyo, Part 2

I’ve returned from Tokyo and want to share some additional photographs from my trip.

Our hotel overlooked this beautiful temple. It is a place of serenity in the midst of the crowded city of Tokyo.

Here is a view of the front of the temple.

A monkey god protects the temple.

These are wishes left by visitors to the temple.

At the opening of Snoopy Museum Tokyo, we had a reunion of former and current United Media and Sony Creative Properties employees. To my right is Akio Matsunaga and to my left is Wakako Tsunoda and Hiroko Nakamura.

I’m posing here with Miyoshi Nakayama, the director of Snoopy Museum Tokyo.

Not only did people like to hug the post; they also liked to draw on it.

Paige Braddock of Creative Associates with Snoopy Museum curator Daisuke Kusakari.

On Saturday, Paige Braddock and I spoke to a group of journalists. Miss Yokota was the translator.

This was an interview with a TV host named Chris. He spoke perfect English, but conducted the interview in Japanese.

Margo Carrington, the Minister of Public Affairs from the American Embassy, gave a short but very heartfelt tribute to Peanuts. Standing to the left of Paige Braddock are two Schulz Museum employees, Benjamin Peery and Natasha Cochran, who went to Tokyo a week before the opening of Snoopy Museum Tokyo to unpack and install items sent from the Schulz Museum.

The wall behind the speaker is a history of Sparky’s life in photographs.

–Jean Schulz


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