During the 1960’s, Sparky had enough construction going on in and around Coffee Grounds (Sparky’s former home in Sebastopol, CA), that he got to enjoy the “wet cement” phase.  And what cartoonist can resist the urge to take a nail to wet cement?

In 1996, Sparky added this Snoopy to the kennel area of the new Schulz Canine Companions for Independence training center in Santa Rosa:

After Snoopy’s Home Ice  opened in 1969, Sparky began asking the ice skaters (and later, tennis players) who performed there to add their signatures and memorialize their time at the ice arena. You’ll recognize a few names from the sports world below:

And now it has all come full circle. We caught this cement just in time for two of our studio artists, Justin Thompson and Paige Braddock, to add some characters outside the new Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates building being built near the Museum.

Justin begins Snoopy and then adds to the texture.

Meanwhile, Paige is creating her own Peppermint Patty (don’t forget the girls!)

Justin moves to another area and is watched by the cement finishers. They have made it nice and smooth for him.

Voilà, Charlie Brown!                   

—Jean Schulz                 

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