Olive Oil Art – Voting Results

The olive oil art from my previous blog post on May 15 produced a very interesting pattern of favorites. Remember that these are free art, the only outside force can be a piece of bread, so it is a true test of creativity!



#12 and #9 received the most votes. #12 surprised me, because I think it represents a very disturbed brain‎. But maybe that is its appeal! I wondered if #9 reminded people of a baby’s stumbling footprints, very endearing I’m sure, but what is the blob on the edge of the plate?‎ However, a house guest looking over my shoulder thought that the design suggests a lady bug.



#3, #5, #7 and #10 received no votes. I suppose that the fork spoils #3, but that is the fault of the photographer, not the art. It is like dismissing a painting because you don’t like the frame. #5 is distressing, I can understand why it received no interest.



#10 could be commended for having a part of the blank plate seen as part of the design. But #7 is so clearly an homage to the corpus collosum which joins the hemispheres of the brain, that I am amazed it did not resonate with anyone who is trying to join the two hemispheres of his own brain.


For me, #11 is reminiscent of Ansel Adams’ Moonrise, or Hercule Poirot’s mustache and his monocle‎. To give readers credit, it did get two votes.

I have amused myself, and I hope some of you, also. I hope we have begun here a new dinner table game for the ‘not quite grown ups.’

—Jean Schulz

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