Peanuts gets Environmental Award

We are busting our buttons with pride.  Peanuts has been given an award by the Japanese government as part of the 2011 International Year of Forestry, through our relationship and activities with “Forest Supporters,” a government agency that promotes green peace and the environment.   The award was presented March 2nd and Snoopy was at the ceremony to accept the award.

Image of Mr. Minagawa  Mr. Aoki and Snoopy

Mr. Minagawa  (left) Director General of Forestry Agency with Mr. Aoki (right),
Managing Director,National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization and Snoopy.


I also recently received a beautiful wood toy that has joined the Museum’s collection. The wood for the Snoopy toy came from trees all grown in the Hokkaido region of Japan. Snoopy’s body is Basewood, and his ears, collar and nose are Katsura. The frame for the toy is Ash with Cherry, Basewood and Magnolia slates.  As Snoopy descends the ramp, the different woods each make a unique sound. It is such a treat to hear the different noises, and rearrange the wood to make different acoustic patterns.

Image of Wooden Snoopy Toy

—Jean Schulz

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