Khoa Phan showing me his VINE creations.

Peanuts Grows On Vine

We always figured it took about 4 seconds to read a daily Peanuts comic strip.  Little did Sparky know how “d’actualitè” he would be 60 years later.  Today I had the pleasure of meeting Khoa Phan, a creative tech geek and official Vine creator for Peanuts Worldwide.  For those of you who are not familiar with Vine, it is a 6 second video application for Twitter — and it has really taken off.  Khoa stopped by the museum today for a tour, and while he was here, he demonstrated how he creates these popular 6 second videos.  What’s amazing about the popularity of social media is that Sparky’s strip really lends itself well to the short bite size media shared applications that are the craze in many circles.


Khoa showing me how his uses Vine App.


We jumped inside the Sparky Studio exhibit so that Khoa could get close to Sparky’s drawing area.


Here are some examples of Khoa’s Peanuts and Schulz Museum themed Vines (click on image if they are not playing.)

Jean Schulz having lunch at the Warm Puppy with Khoa Phan

Lunch at the Warm Puppy afterwards.

— Jean Schulz


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