Snoopy and Belle in Fashion

A special event during Fashion Week was an exhibit of Snoopy and Belle in Fashion in the New Museum in lower Manhattan. I am in a dress by our Italian licensee FAY; and that is NOT a fake scene behind me. You are looking at an authentic, beautiful New York ‎September evening sky showing downtown Manhattan and the World Trade Center.

Featuring designer dolls crafted in vinyl with movable heads, arms and legs, and dressed by 26 designers, Snoopy and Belle in Fashion reprised an earlier show of 18 inch plush Snoopy and Belle dolls. That exhibition, which opened in Paris in 1990, also traveled to Los Angeles, Rome, and Tokyo.

Designer Betsey Johnson’s 2014 creations were displayed next to her designs from the earlier show. Several of my friends remember sewing Betsey Johnson patterns in the 1970s, and Betsey, who traditionally ends her Fashion Week shows with a cartwheel, made her debut on Dancing With the Stars the week following her fashion show.

A Betsey Johnson sewing pattern from the 1970s

I’m standing by the Betsey Johnson designs for the 1990 exhibit (on bottom), and for 2014 (above).

Betsey Johnson 2014 (above). I thought the tails were too cute not to capture in this photo.

A close-up view of the tails!

Betsey has been involved in designing outfits for Peanuts plushes and dolls since 1984. This article is from Licensing Today, Vol. 1 No. 6, August, 1984.

The show producer hired a team of manicurists from Primp & Polish who added Snoopy designs on our nails. Seated at the table from front to back are Craig Herman, Executive Director, Publishing at Peanuts Worldwide; Judy Sladky, who has skated as Snoopy at the Ice Arena since 1979; me; and Brendan Cannon, one of the designers of the show.

Each nail was individually hand-brushed with an extremely fine brush.

Peanuts Fashion by Royal Assher X Pluma, a joint design by Pluma and Royal Assher Jewelry Co. Snoopy’s nose is made of spinning diamonds designed by Lita Asscher. Lita also designed a piece of personal jewelry, an eye-catching pendant with spinning diamonds.

Pluma owner, Cannon, is on the right.

Calvin Klein (at left) and Diane von Furstenberg (right)

—Jean Schulz




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