Snoopy and Belle in Mexico City

I’m taking a break from watching the construction of the deck around the Redwood tree at the Museum to attend the opening of a three month Snoopy and Belle in Fashion event in Mexico City. This is the pair of dolls by Anna Sui (above).


Macario Jimenez is one of the new designers who has joined in Mexico City. Snoopy is dressed in an outfit that mimics his own!


Diane Von Furstenburg then and now. The dolls in brown are from the 1990s Snoopy in Fashion exhibit.


This is Children of Our Town, another of the hip new designers for the Mexico City exhibit, which will be at the Mumedi Museum of Mexican Design for 3 months.


These Betsey Johnson dolls are from 1990 and 2013.


This is Märta Larsson, from Sweden. Her dolls were added for the Swedish exhibition in January, 2015. She attended several of the European launch parties so I was able to meet her in Berlin.

Next week I’ll be excited to show the progress on the redwood deck in my absence!

–Jean Schulz


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