Spring Museum Board Meeting

The Schulz Museum Board of Directors only meets twice a year, so when we do meet we try to cover a lot of ground and information, allowing our board members to feel completely integrated with our work. In addition, several Board Members come from quite a distance, and these two visits a year may be their only ones.

This year one of our special treats for them was a visit to the Research Center, where we got to see some of the items that were new to the Archives collection. The items we had the opportunity to preview were part of a larger collection the Museum recently received, which has documents that were saved by an Art Instruction schools student from the 1940s. The student had been instructed by Sparky via correspondence, and the collection includes typed, signed letters he had dictated to secretaries and corrected art work, as well as extremely polite late payment notices from the school’s collections department, receipts, and the student’s diploma signed by Sparky and others at the school!

Image of CMSM Board

Museum Archivist, Lisa Monhoff shares some of the documents new to the Museum’s
collection with Board Members (left to right) Chuck Bartley, Craig Schulz, Dee Richardson,
Randy Pennington, Karl Jacque, and Steve Lang

Image of CMSM Board

Board Members (left to right) Randy Pennington, Michael Schwager, Dee Richardson,
Karl Jacque, Steve Lang, myself and Barbara Gallagher.

—Jean Schulz

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