Tom Tomorrow Speaks at the Museum

Nicholas Perkins returns with his dad after 6 years.


Our guest speaker on Saturday, March, 15th was Dan Perkins, AKA Tom Tomorrow. You may know his comic, This Modern World, from one of the 90 newspapers in which it appears regularly, OR  through The New Yorker, Esquire, Mother Jones, The Economist, the New York Times or The American Prospect in which it  appears on occasion. ‎Dan is the recipient of many awards, dating from 1993. His most recent award is the prestigious Herblock Prize for editorial cartooning which he received in 2013

Dan not only showed  strips commenting on current events, but he showed what he called ‘collage strips’ using advertising material from the 50s and 60s. It astounded me to realize how blatant they were in their use of inuendo, which I realize I hadn’t questioned at the time. It also amazed me to realize that although I think today’s advertising is pretty obnoxious, it has nothing on  those ‘early days.’ His presentation also included some abortive animation sequences, and the 2007 segment of Countdown with Keith Olberman showing Bill O’Reilly’s Very Useful Advice for Young People, a take-off based on a Tom Tomorrow comic which had appeared in the Village Voice.


As well as his books, Dan had prints for sale from a limited edition (15), one bought by this lucky Museum visitor.


The full poster showing Sparky the Penguin and his sidekick Blinky‎ amongst a host of This Modern World characters.



In addition to comic strip compilations, Dan’s books include The Very Silly Mayor, a children’s picture book published in 2009. Can we assume that he had his son Nicholas in mind?

—Jean Schulz


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