Into the Twenty-First Century

“Dragged kicking and screaming into the twenty-first century.” That describes me. Hey, what can I say, I still use a BlackBerry!

When we were planning the Schulz Museum opening in 2002 (almost a generation ago), we banned photography, feeling it could be misused and might be a distraction for other visitors. Later, when the idea of having public Wi-Fi in the Museum came up, I’m sure I was in the ‘no’ camp on that also—again because I thought it might distract visitors from focusing on the artwork.

Peanuts strip first published on April 27, 1994.

The ban on photography was lifted when we realized that virtually every museum allowed photography—without flash, of course.

As technology continued to advance and methods of communication became more and more digital, we realized our visitors could benefit from having an Internet connection in the galleries. Also, I became impatient when I personally couldn’t get service in the building!

Peanuts strip first published on February 9, 1999.

Now, I’m happy to tell our visitors that we have public Wi-Fi, and we encourage you to share your photos and experiences in the Museum (look for “Charles Schulz Museum” when checking your smartphone or tablet for a Wi-Fi network).

Visitors share their photos on Instagram and other social networks while at the Schulz Museum.

I find it ironic that our visitors are using high-tech means to share the simple paper, pen, and ink drawings of Charles M. Schulz. But, I’m pleased that people from around the globe are now able to see the Museum and Sparky’s work, even if they can’t make it to Santa Rosa themselves.

You can follow the Museum online @schulzmuseum.

—Jean Schulz