Visiting Universal Studios Japan

No trip to Japan is complete for a Peanuts fan without a trip to Universal Studios in Osaka. We were fortunate that our trip coincided with a month of Halloween themed special activities.

In 2001, I had traveled with a group from our studio ‎to visit Universal Studios when it first opened. At that time, the Snoopy’s Studio/Peanuts themed area was, it seemed to me, the largest attraction for families with young children.


Its popularity led to an expanded WONDERLAND attraction, featuring not only Snoopy’s Studio ‎but a Hello Kitty pavilion and a Sesame Street attraction. Inside the original Snoopy’s Studio building is a small overhead roller coaster track passing various scenes of Snoopy in his Director persona, with play areas below.



The Flying Snoopy ride which was introduced a year ago is the central feature of this child-friendly Wonderland area. I had seen many pictures of the ride as the Snoopy form had to be approved by our Creative Associates studio. The ride is popular because it is just right for thrill-seekers like me to ride with a small child.


I rode with our Universal Studios guide, Tomoko Hashimoto.


Two of the attractions at this time of year have children play acting “trick or treat” with Charlie Brown or Snoopy. ‎As it is the Japanese custom to be a bit formal and polite, the children one at a time knock on the door of the little play house. When Charlie Brown (in one house) or Snoopy (in another) answers the door, the children say “trick or treat” and receive a piece of candy from the Peanuts characters.


Snoopy at the door of his house with trick or treaters.

The Mardi Gras themed parade is also a daily feature each afternoon with professional floats and dancers joined ‎by costumed park patrons.



Snoopy as the jester danced during the whole parade.



Lucy, Queen of the Mardi Gras!


These four girls are ready for the costume contest. Their costumes represent a popular Japanese TV show.


People wore their most imaginative. colorful costumes to join in the parade. Isn’t it wonderful to have Halloween all month long!

—Jean Schulz













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