Japanese artist Yoshiteru Otani

10th Anniversary Celebrations at the Museum

While I was basking in the glow of Saturday’s live brush painting performance by Yoshi in celebration of our 10th Anniversary, Derrick Bang was writing about it and posting it on the website blog he shares with Scott McGuire. My excuse is that I still had Sunday duties at the Museum, as Yoshi continued his teaching and speaking that day. Here are some photos to whet your appetite before you click on the link to Derrick and Scott’s blog to read more about the day.

There were at least 50 cameras capturing images Saturday. These were taken by my photographer son, Brooke Clyde.

San Francisco’s Deputy Consul General of Japan, Michio Harada, presented the Museum with a cherry tree similar to the trees in Washington D.C. that were given to the United States by Japan in 1912 as a sign of friendship. Yoshi and I assist with the unveiling during the Tree Ceremony on Saturday morning.


Yoshi shows off his special Snoopy tail coat, while the Deputy Consul General, Karen Johnson and I enjoy the moment.


Japanese Taiko drummer Rin Matoba’s dynamic accompaniment added a dramatic flair to Yoshi’s performance on Saturday afternoon.



I was struck by the close eye Rin kept on Yoshi’s movements.




The performance begins with the first bold brush strokes of the Japanese character for Congratulations.


Yoshi sprinkles gold touches to the finished art. The piece is titled Congratulations.


Yoshi works on the second piece. This photo gives you a feel for the space and shows you how we had to protect the mural and the surrounding walls during his performance.


Yoshi presents his second piece entitled Friendship.


On Sunday Yoshi taught a class in paper cutting, a specialty of his, to a class of 22 students. Here is one of the pieces created that day by student Kay Marquet.


Be sure to click on the link to Derrick and Scott’s blog to read more about the day.

                                                                                                                                                           —Jean Schulz

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