A Stop in Great Britain

I am on my way to Athens for the Comicdom Con with—among others—the cartoonists and animators we met in Havana 15 months ago, Andrew Farago of the Cartoon Art Museum in SF, and his wife, cartoonist Shaenon Garrity.

I decided to pay a visit to England to visit my cousins and to meet a new baby in the family.    I am showing a part of Egbury House, where my cousins live, because it will be part of an upcoming exhibition, A Change of Scenes: Schulz Sketches from Abroad (opens June 8th), showing drawings that Sparky did while we were travelling. He loved this place and my Aunt Betty.  The part of the house you see dates from the 16th century.  In the sweet attic room you can see the Elizabethan timbers in the floor.  Now, it is off to Athens!

image of Egbury House

Image of attic bedroom at Egbury House

Egbury House and a very sweet attic bedroom, where some of my grandchildren
slept when we visited here several years ago. It is almost like a hobbit house.

Image of a farm house sketch by Charles Schulz

Here is a sketch done by Sparky in 1987. It is South Farm House in Upton Lovell, Wiltshire. It is where my aunt Betty lived before she moved to Egbury House. This sketch will not be included in the A Changes of Scenesexhibit, but it is one example of Sparky’s non-cartoon work, and a depiction of one of his favorite benches, where he would sit and chat with Betty.

—Jean Schulz

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