Greek Comic Festival

Image of Guides Ludwig & Mayan at Hemingway Finca outside HavanaIn January 2010 five cartoonist friends from the United States and I traveled to Havana to meet Cuban cartoonists and animators. We visited an art college and a neighborhood that had created a mural project which had transformed their area. To read my previous blog entry about our trip to Cuba, click here…

I was so impressed with what these Cuban cartoonist and animators had accomplished that I wanted to share the experience with others. Traveling to Cuba, I was joined by Brian Narelle (puppeteer and cartoonist), Tom Richmond (MAD Magazine), Hilary Price (Rhymes with Orange), Lex Fajardo (Kid Beowulf), and Justin Thompson (MythTickle) from Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates.

After visiting Cuba, I immediately began talking to my friend, Lida Tsene, who coordinates a comic festival in Athens, ComicDomCon Paige Braddock and I had attended to the Festival a few years ago, when they did a tribute to Peanuts, and Paige (creator of Jane’s World) was one of the featured artists. It is a small festival but very well orchestrated and very informative.

This year, I will once again be attending the festival, but this time I look forward to connecting up with my Cuban friends. Shortly after visiting Cuba, Lida began the long invitation process for the Cuban cartoonists and animators, and now it looks as though 4 or 5 of them will be able to attend. I plan to go to Athens for a reunion with these lovely new friends.

I will be sending more news and photos once I arrive in Athens.

—Jean Schulz

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