A Visitor’s Treasure

There is almost never an uninteresting moment at the Museum. Visitors are invariably curious and interesting, and indeed the Museum has become a community in many ways, and people love to tell us their stories and they often bring us their Peanuts “finds” and “treasures.”

Recently, William Kubran arrived at the Museum with a series of charcoal rubbings he made from a plaque at California State College at Hayward (now named California State University East Bay). He told the story of how at his commencement ceremony in 1967, Sparky was the convocation guest speaker, which left a memorable impression on him as a new graduate. The plaque commemorates that event with a wonderful quote. Kubran returned to his alma mater in the late 1990s to make these rubbings.

Image of a charcoal rubbing of a plaque with quote from Charles M. Schulz

The plaque reads:
Cartooning is a “fairly” sort of proposition: You have to be fairly intelligent – you were really intelligent –
you’d be doing something else.

You have to draw fairly well – if you drew really well you’d be a painter –

You have to write fairly well – if you wrote really well you’d be writing books.

It’s great for a fairly person like me.

-Charles M. Schulz, Creator of “Peanuts

Convocation address May 9, 1967


 — Jean Schulz

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