Charles M. Schulz Museum Board Meeting
Santa Rosa, California

The Schulz Museum is governed by a Board of Directors that meets twice each year. The Executive Committee meets between board meetings to do business as it arises. The Schulz Museum Board recently met in Santa Rosa, and the following day several board members and Museum staff visited the Disney Museum in the Presidio in San Francisco.

Image of the Museum BoardFrom left to right: Randy Pennington, Rose Marie McDaniel, Lucy Shelton Caswell, Karen O’Connell,
Patrick McDonnell, Jean Schulz, Chuck Bartley, Barbara Gallagher, Craig Schulz,
Dee Richardson, Ed Anderson, Roland Thiebault, and Steve Lang.
(Not photographed: Michael Schwager, Melissa Menta, and Karen Johnson (Museum Director).)

Image of the Collections CommitteeThe Collections Committee looking at some newly archived Determined Productions products.
From left to right: Michael Schwager, Jane O’Cain, Lisa Monhoff, Eric Stanley, Lucy Shelton Caswell,
Bailey Sharrocks, and Nina Fairles. (Not photographed: Gaye LeBaron, Jean Schulz, and Karen Johnson.)

—Jean Schulz

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