Launching the Chinese Edition of Peanuts 60th Anniversary Book
Beijing, China

RM Enterprises choose Trends Lounge for the launch of the Chinese edition of the Peanuts 60th Anniversary book. It is a very arty, spacious bookstore with a lounge, food, and a private dining room. This is the first foreign language edition of the 60th Anniversary book that was published in the U.S. in October 2009. Liz Brinkley (from United Media) and I thanked the group of press, fans, and customers who were there. A young woman who was part of the editorial department of the publishing company said how proud they were to launch this edition in China.

Imgae of Entrance to the Trends Lounge

Entrance to the Trends Lounge

I signed many, many books—in fact, the store sold out its entire stock on the first day! After the signing, I was interviewed by three newspaper and two magazine reporters. This doesn’t sound like a very full day, but when one adds in the enormous amount of time it takes to get anywhere in Beijing, it WAS a full day. However, we capped it off with a visit to the Silk Road, a multi-story bazaar and bargaining palace, before having a light dinner with Connie and Ray and calling it a day.

Image of Inside the Trends Lounge

Inside the Trends Lounge where I signed books

—Jean Schulz

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