Connecting Canine Companions

I spent a recent Friday doing what many of you have probably found yourselves doing during the past year—attending a virtual board meeting.

It makes for a long day, pinned to a chair in front of a screen, but the value for me is that the time spent is in support of an organization that I have been involved with for over 35 years, and it is like a child of mine. The organization is Canine Companions.

Two unusual things particularly pleased and engaged me during the meeting. The first was a cross-promotion between Peanuts, Canine Companions, and Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers.

“In a unique partnership, Peanuts® and Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers are working together on a special product line to benefit Canine Companions. Running through the end of the year, these special products feature Cane, the Raising Cane’s yellow Labrador mascot, in a series of Peanuts-themed outfits and a limited t-shirt design.”

Another passion of mine is flying.  I became a private pilot in 1965, and although I don’t fly currently, I am still an active member of our Women Pilots group, The 99s, and still “hangar fly” with my pilot friends.

It came up in the board meeting that a group of local, private pilots had been helping CCI transport puppies, born and bred here in Santa Rosa, to their puppy raisers across the country, and returning some adult dogs later.

I was able to talk to some of the pilots later. They were all thrilled with their new volunteer jobs, and they had fallen in love with sweet puppy breath! If you’re interested in learning more about this aviation volunteer opportunity, or you know someone who might be, click here.

Talk about a winning formula—pilots and pups!


Just as I was finishing this blog post, Canine Companion training teams came to visit the Museum. Yet another winning formula—Museum visitors and instructors with dogs in training!


—Jean Schulz