It’s Nice to See Activity

It has been a long time without visitors, and although we have managed to get a lot of work done, it is a great pleasure to see the Museum come alive once again.

Many of our visitors are young people which I find particularly gratifying because they either bring with them an early introduction to Peanuts, or they are being introduced to Sparky’s work for the first time by enthusiastic adults in their lives. They will in turn pass on this love of Peanuts to their own friends and family.

Sparky’s Studio always seems to have a crowd. I love to watch visitors as they pass through—studying his book collection, the records on view, and the art objects there. There are always many questions to be answered by our volunteers.

Just as I enjoy what the young visitors are learning in the galleries, I also like to think about what adults are learning in the Education Room—whether they are accompanied by a child or not.

Originally intended for Snoopy dog houses, visitors got creative with origami paper and made all sorts of imaginative things.

Bob Safreno, one of our longest-serving Museum volunteers, helps families make origami Snoopy dog houses.

A visit from cartoonist Joe Wos attracted a lot of dog lovers for his personalized pet caricatures event in July. This is Tamara Stanley, General Manager of Snoopy’s Home Ice, and her daughter with their three dogs.

It’s always nice to see visitors enjoying the ice arena (aka Snoopy’s Home Ice). The arena is slowly opening up to all activities.

And from my office window, I can look out and see students on their break from the Museum’s summer art and cartooning camps. They do love to play King of the Hill.

A new picnic table, purchased from the Sonoma County Probation Department and beautifully made, creates a welcome respite for visitors. It is decorated with a floral collage created by our former Museum director, Karen Johnson, a woman of many talents.

Over the weekend I saw a visitor to the complex sitting on the table playing guitar. Sparky would approve!

Just as it is nice to see activity around the Museum grounds, the rest of the world seems to be coming to life too, as demonstrated by the wonderful letter we received from a couple in Massachusetts who are planning a Snoopy-themed wedding. We hope they will come to the Museum on their honeymoon, no matter how delayed it may be. We will have a surprise for them.

Jean Schulz

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