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Our Friend, Gene Cernan

Jan 18, 2017

America lost a true hero a couple of days ago. Gene Cernan passed away in a hospital in Houston, Texas. Gene (standing to Snoopy’s right) and fellow Apollo astronaut Tom Stafford (on Snoopy’s left) were well loved here at the Museum.

On a weekend in January 2009‎, the two astronauts visited the Museum to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Apollo 10 and the opening of the Museum’s To The Moon: Snoopy Soars with NASA exhibition. They were joined by Captain Chuck Smiley, helicopter pilot of the recovery team; Wes Chesser, primary recovery swimmer of the recovery team; and Jamye Flowers Coplin, a NASA secretary who was photographed giving Apollo 10 astronauts a special “Snoopy” send off. After speaking on two different days, meeting our guests, and signing autographs, they truly became part of our Museum family.

Gene’s book, The Last Man on the Moon, is an exciting story of his life.

Our Museum family joins in sending condolences to his family. He will remain in our hearts here at the Museum.

–Jean Schulz

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