It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

Saturday night, the 4th, was the member party for our new exhibition, It Was a Dark and Stormy Night, and we welcomed our visitors in from the rain. One first time visitor to the Museum was enjoying trying out our interactive shadow box.

I stopped in the following d‎ay which was scheduled as a Free Day. It also happened to be Super Bowl Sunday, so I was amazed to see the Museum full of people. It turned out we had over 900 guests, and people were laughing as they walked through the exhibition reading the comic strips.

Many of our guests were long time members who had not visited the Museum before, some coming from as far away as Los Angeles. It was wonderful to see new faces and to have the opportunity to thank them for supporting the Museum

I took some photos to show those of you reading this how warm and inviting the show is.

The introduction to each section is designed to look like turning the pages of a book.

Images of raindrops are falling from the dark clouds above, but Peppermint Patty and Woodstock are safe under their umbrellas‎.

In addition to exploring the literary preferences of Charles Schulz, the exhibition highlights Snoopy’s favorite books and author: the Bunny Wunny books by Miss Helen Sweetstory.

The Bunny Wunny books, which present a world onto itself inside the world of Peanuts, are set in a variety of places and include titles such as The Six Bunny Wunnies and Their Layover in Anderson, Indiana. Here are a couple of strips about Miss Sweetstory.

This Peanuts strip was originally published on April 9, 1971.

This Peanuts strip was originally published on April 20, 1971.

Visitors have a chance to write their own story on a typewriter. The page in the typewriter starts with “It’s a dark and stormy night” and visitors can continue the story. The typewriter stations have been amazingly popular, and I’d like to think that we‎ are both educating visitors and helping them find their creativity!

A cozy reading nook was created by our design committee! People are using it!!

Even in the last hour of the day the art room was full of parents and children.

–Jean Schulz

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