License Plates Seen Around Town

It took 10 years to get them, but now the Snoopy license plates are available! You can read more about the history of how the plates came to be on my blog from February, 2014.

We want to know what interesting plates you’ve noticed. Here are some that I’ve seen recently.

The Van Pelt plate belongs to an artist from our Studio.


This is my personal vehicle. My stepson, Craig Schulz, applied the Charlie Brown strip to this yellow SSR.


This photo was sent to us by a Peanuts fan from Fremont.


The author of The Snoopy Treasures and blogger at shared this photo of his license plate.


Our legal beagle here in Santa Rosa submitted this license plate. Go Snoopy!


This plate is Donovan Brockway’s gift for his father.


Here is the plate of a family member who loves motocross.


A Santa Rosa friend’s salute to the Beatles.


This plate was sighted in Santa Rosa. The owner said it’s “Snoopy loves root beer.”


A Snoopy fan in Sacramento just received this personalized license plate for his Honda Accord. He had this plate configuration reserved for about 3 years while waiting for the Snoopy plates to be approved and produced.


A friend of Franklin seen in the Smart Train parking lot at Sonoma County Airport.


Seen in Santa Rosa: This Snoopy plate belongs to the proprietor of 1000 Cranes, LLC. Check it out.

This “GUDDOG” or “good dog” Snoopy plate was spotted in Santa Rosa near the Museum.

Seen in St. Helena: Our friend and long-time Peanuts Licensee’s “Head Beagle” plate.

Here is a Snoopy plate seen in the Museum parking lot.

When I walked out of the Museum last week and saw this license plate, I guessed it must refer to Joe Cool, and another fan was visiting the Museum. The driver was a fan and was visiting the Museum, but the plate actually represented his name (shortened a little, of course, to meet the 6 digits allowed).

Here’s another Snoopy fan spotted on the streets of Santa Rosa.

This licence plate, belonging to a Peppermint Patty fan, was found in the Museum parking lot.

This clever spelling was seen in the Department of Motor vehicles parking lot on the last day of 2018.

This Museum member from Arizona paid a visit to Santa Rosa and the Schulz Museum.

You can order your own Snoopy plate here.

—Jean Schulz


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